Many people who complete therapy at our Clinic leave wanting to give something back. Sharing their stories with the world is a very personal way to reach out to others and help them realise they are not alone.

I am very lucky to be under the care of a wonderful psychologist, Dr. Nikki Scheiner. I am continuing to work with her long term. I am so blessed by her, she has perhaps been the single most important influence on my life barring close family. Quite a claim to make but she has gone so far beyond what I could have ever expected by anyone.
— Danny

I really believe my sessions with you have been life changing.
— Jenny W.
Thank you for believing in me & standing by me & listening to me & being there.
— Lu & Nettie
I can see how much you care about all your patients.
— Matt

I feel very grateful and lucky to have had Nikki as a therapist. Right from the start, I knew I was going to have to work hard but I knew that I wouldn’t be doing it alone. She listens and always tries to understand. I felt heard and safe. I knew that I could share anything with her and not feel stupid or patronised either. What has been the most impressive is that months after my sessions ended, I find myself using tools from Nikki that I never knew I picked up. She taught them in a subliminal manner is what I think. I feel very blessed and lucky. I have to add that I am very sceptical of therapists, because I am quite sensitive and also because I know therapy will not work for me if I sense that the therapist does not genuinely care. With Nikki, it wasn’t so at all. She is real, honest and truly cares. Thank you again, really!!!
— Adesuwa

Thank you is not enough.
— Jessie
Thank you for all your help and everything you have done.
— G'ole
A major pillar in my recovery.
— Samantha G.

I am really happy to write this testimony for Nikki as she has helped me to turn my life around. More than twenty years after some traumatic events, I finally found somebody who not only listened, but also gave me guidance and support. Since seeing Nikki I have come out of a really dark place and now have better relationships, especially with my husband, and a new and exciting career ahead of me. Nikki was easy to talk to, professional and always treated me with kindness and respect. She went out of her way to help me overcome my issues and was a both a mentor and a friend.
— Anonymous