The Clinical Assessement

All patients receive a clinical Assessment. This is a holistic (biopsychosocial) account of the development of your symptoms, focusing on what was going on at the time that you developed them, what helps you manage them and what makes them better or worse. We look at both your childhood and adult environments, including the history of illness in your family and how it was managed. We also evaluate your lifestyle: how you manage your days, what your family and work commitments are, what you eat, how much exercise you are able to do. Your motivation is another key part of the assessment as the therapy sessions include Goal setting and Values. We also assess how harsh you are on yourself, as many of our patients are very compassionate towards others, but less so towards themselves.
The assessment may extend to two sessions. By the end of it, both you and we will have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of your condition on your quality of life. Once we understand this, we can start to devise a recovery package for you.

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You can choose a package that either offers one-to-one therapy sessions or you can opt to join a small group. Many patients report that knowing that others are struggling in much the same way as them helps them accept their conditions and focus on recovering: it seems less of a battle.
All patients follow a course of Mindfulness, led by an experienced practitioner.
We also offer an assessment with a Rehabilitation Physiotherapist. Following this, you can choose whether you would like to add this to your package. The physiotherapy includes hydrotherapy.
Our clinic Nutritionist offers personalised assessments and guidance is also offered.
If you wish to discuss your lifestyle and how you manage your commitments, you can request a session with our Occupational Therapist.
We also offer a week’s therapy at the Clinic’s Italian retreat in the months of May and June. This is a one week stay in a hillside retreat with treatments and meals included. We offer this at two different levels:


Rates starting at $500

Level 1: Introductory for patients who have not yet had an assessment or any treatment. (The application has to be accompanied by a recent letter from a specialist who has assessed your symptoms).
Level 2: Intensive end-of-treatment therapy, focusing on Resilience and Relapse prevention.

(When booking, please be careful to select the correct level).

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I am very lucky to be under the care of a wonderful psychologist, Dr. Nikki Scheiner. I am continuing to work with her long term. I am so blessed by her, she has perhaps been the single most important influence on my life barring close family. Quite a claim to make but she has gone so far beyond what I could have ever expected by anyone.
— Danny